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Dharni: SO EZBlack oversized t-shirt


Dharni tried to teach us beatbox, but it's witchcraft to us. We decided to focus on our main hustle: making dope merch. We leave the music to the musicians. Wearing this loose, oversized cut you will realize how easy... we mean SO EZ the life could be.

We created a loose, oversized t-shirt that fits perfectly in everyday outfits. Extended cut and large sleeves make this product unique, whereas a bit of an elastane allows this product to keep it's shape forever.

  • Oversized cut

  • Polish knit - 95% cotton, 5% elastane

  • 155 gsm

  • Made in Poland

Take care of your clothes and give them a long life.

  •  Machine wash cold gentle

  •  Do not bleach.

  •  Lay flat to dry

  •  Cool iron

  •  Do not dry clean




Originally from Singapore, Dharni started beatboxing at the age of 14. He came to Poland in 2011 and soon he soon became recognizable after attending the Must be the Music show right before making a viral video about the Polish language and the beatbox. To be honest - everyone here in Poland was trying his "po co ci kapusta" version. Currently, Dharni proves he can create literally any sound using just his mouth - to be honest, no one can be THAT good at it.

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